Sensei Jeff Mancilla Reviews Sensei Jerry Figgiani’s Training Workshops

Sensei Jeff Mancilla expressed these words of enthusiastic appreciation for Sensei Jerry Figgiani’s Practical Bunkai workshop held February 28, 2015, at the Omine Karate Dojo in San Bruno, California:


Jeff Mancilla ReviewFiggiani Sensei is a consummate martial artist. His karate skills are electric, and his knowledge of Matsubaysahi-ryu and Okinawan karate, in general, is very impressive. His instruction of two man flow drills and bunkai (which consists of seizing, grappling and throwing techniques) is not only lucid, but it is very practical and easy to follow. The flow drills and bunkai taught are a breakdown of practical kata applications which elicits true combat self defense. The seminars are non-intimidating, educational, and very fun.


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