New Book Coming Soon–Training Ronin Style

The Covid-19 pandemic has introduced many new challenges in our daily lives, along with a new vocabulary: social distancing, sheltering in place, stay-at-home orders, telecommuting, just to list a few. As we all learn to negotiate a new normal, one characterized by increased caution, worry, and concern regarding health, lifestyle, and employment, martial artists must also reconsider their training priorities and practices. As we shelter in place, we should continue our personal martial arts training, anticipating the time we can return to our dojos to train with our senseis, dojo friends, and training partners.

David S. Hogsette, 4th Dan in Matsubayashi-ryu, 1st Dan in Shotokan, and lifetime member of SRKDI, has written a new book titled Training Ronin Style: Principles, Tips, and Strategies for Practical Martial Arts Training that provides multiple examples of how to train kihon, kata, and bunkai using various types of solo training strategies, including traditional kihon training, kata practice, shadow boxing, and impact training. This book also covers principles of warming up and cooling down, discussions of bunkai applications and how to train them in solo practice, and examples of cardio and strength training necessary to maintain fitness for fighting and self-defense.

Complete with step-by-step instructions and illustrations, this book promises to help all martial artists maintain your training at home, prepare you to return to the dojo after the pandemic, and establish a personal training routine that you can maintain after the shelter in place orders have been rescinded.

Stay tuned for more information and links to purchase Training Ronin Style: Principles, Tips, and Strategies for Practical Martial Arts Training.