Why Join SRKDI?

It’s one thing to be a karateka and to train in a traditional style; it’s something entirely different to be an active member of a warm, inviting, supportive, and collaborative martial arts community. SRKDI strives to be a supportive home for practitioners of Okinawan karate who are interested in learning traditional karate, sharing martial training ideas with other like-minded karateka, and exploring the practical applications of traditional techniques and training strategies.

SRKDI offers two main types of membership: Individual and Dojo.

Individual Memberships

Individual membership is open to anyone wishing to study Okinawan Shorin Ryu Karate. Members will receive:

• A membership certificate
• A SRKDI patch
• The opportunity for advancement and rank that is recognized internationally, including in Okinawa
• Yudansha (black belt) cross-rank certification with Okinawa

Individual membership is $50.00 annually

Lifetime membership is $250.00

Click here to become a member of SRKDI.

Dojo Membership

Sign up your dojo with SRKDI and receive a dojo charter. By becoming a SRDKI charter school, you are entitled to:

• Having your dojo listed on our website
• A free business phone consultation
• Seminars being held at your dojo
• Having your upcoming related seminars featured on our “Events” page

Dojo charter membership exempts the dojo owner from an individual yearly membership fee.

  • Yearly dojo charter: $75.00
  • Lifetime dojo charter: $375.00

Click here to register your dojo and to purchase a dojo charter. 

For more information about individual and dojo membership, please submit an e-mail using the contact form below:

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