2015 All Matsubayashi Shorin Ryu Training Weekend

Come join us May 15 – 17, 2015, for a weekend of training with no political agenda…open to all practitioners regardless of association or organization..,simply training and sharing ideas and concepts to help better understand our practice of Shorin Ryu Karate. This weekend is open to the first 60 people who sign up. The only requirements are that you come with an open mind and you are Shodan and above. There is no fee for this event. Hopefully, this can turn into an annual event with other dojos hosting across the country.

Training Itinerary:

Friday, May 15, 2015

4:00pm-6:00pm – Meet and Greet
6:30pm-7:15pm – Sensei Nestor Ramos
7:30pm-8:30pm – Sensei Jerry Figgiani
8:30pm-9:00pm – Questions and Answers

Saturday, May 16, 2015

9:00am-10:30am – Sensei Michael Mitchell
10:45am-12:00n – Sensei Jack McPeek/Sensei Jeff Leistner
12:00n-1:00pm – Lunch
1:00pm-2:15pm – Sensei Steve Roffman
2:30pm-4:00pm – Sensei Jerry Figgiani
4:00pm-5:00pm – Questions and Answers

Sunday, May 17, 2015

9:00am-10:30am – Sensei Jerry Figgiani
10:45am-12:00n – Sensei Terry Maccarrone

For more information, please e-mail Sensei Jerry Figgiani:

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Sensei Jerry Figgiani Bunkai Workshop in Cocoa Beach–Feb 7

Date: Feb 7

Time: 1pm-6pm

Location: Cocoa Beach Karate, 1355 North Atlantic Avenue / A1A, opposite the International Palms Resort

Background: Sensei Jerry Figgiani has been training in karate since 1977 and has been teaching for over 25 years. Sensei Figgiani has trained with Grandmaster Nagamine and in 1991 was a participant in the demonstration ceremony for his 85th birthday and the 55th anniversary of the Nagamine Dojo. At that time he traveled with his Sensei, Joseph Carbonara, who was a world delegate for the World Matsubayashi Karate Federation.

Sensei Figgiani was the subject of featured articles in the New York Times, Newsday, and most recently Masters Magazine. In addition, he is also a published author.

As a nationally rated forms and fighting champion, Sensei Figgiani has won numerous tournaments across the country from 1988 to 1996. In 1995, he was rated the number one fighter by the Professional Karate League (P.K.L.).

Sensei Figginao has also released a DVD entitled Simplicity in Understanding Kata Bunkai which we at CBK have used and look forward to Sensei Figgiano’s Seminar.

RSVP: Des Chaskelson (senseides@yahoo.com) or complete the e-mail form below:

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Doshi Kai–Jan 10, 2015

Martial Arts Doshi Kai Training Session


Date: Saturday, January 10, 2015

Time: 11 AM – 3 PM


Shorin Ryu Karatedo International Headquarters
161 Middle Country Rd.
Middle Island, NY 11953

Cost: Members $40.00 • Non-Members $60.00


Special Dinner Celebrating SRKDI’s 5th Anniversary Follows the Training


Time: 4pm

Location: Yao’s Diner in Centereach, NY

Cost: $27 per person.



Sensei Figgiani Bunkai Workshop–Nov 8

On November 8, 2014 Sensei Jerry Figgiani will present workshops and seminars at the 2014 All Okinawa Karate Kobudo Championship, in Gardena, California. Sensei Figgiani will explain how to train practical bunkai applications from kata, and he will demonstrate various bunkai kumite drills. Assisting Sensei Figgiani will be Sensei Rick Kaufman.

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