New Book Coming Soon–Training Ronin Style

The Covid-19 pandemic has introduced many new challenges in our daily lives, along with a new vocabulary: social distancing, sheltering in place, stay-at-home orders, telecommuting, just to list a few. As we all learn to negotiate a new normal, one characterized by increased caution, worry, and concern regarding health, lifestyle, and employment, martial artists must also reconsider their training priorities and practices. As we shelter in place, we should continue our personal martial arts training, anticipating the time we can return to our dojos to train with our senseis, dojo friends, and training partners.

David S. Hogsette, 4th Dan in Matsubayashi-ryu, 1st Dan in Shotokan, and lifetime member of SRKDI, has written a new book titled Training Ronin Style: Principles, Tips, and Strategies for Practical Martial Arts Training that provides multiple examples of how to train kihon, kata, and bunkai using various types of solo training strategies, including traditional kihon training, kata practice, shadow boxing, and impact training. This book also covers principles of warming up and cooling down, discussions of bunkai applications and how to train them in solo practice, and examples of cardio and strength training necessary to maintain fitness for fighting and self-defense.

Complete with step-by-step instructions and illustrations, this book promises to help all martial artists maintain your training at home, prepare you to return to the dojo after the pandemic, and establish a personal training routine that you can maintain after the shelter in place orders have been rescinded.

Stay tuned for more information and links to purchase Training Ronin Style: Principles, Tips, and Strategies for Practical Martial Arts Training.


SRKDI 10th Anniversary Celebration a Hit!

On January 18-20, 2019, SRKDI celebrated its ten-year anniversary with a doshi kai style training marathon weekend, in memory of Sensei Joseph Carbonara who inspired and encouraged Sensei Jerry Figgiani to form Shorin Ryu Karate Do International back in 2009.

Sensei Joseph Carbonara

As Sensei Figgiani prepared for the weekend celebration and training session, he thanked the many students, colleagues, and friends who supported him from the very beginning: “As I get ready to start the kick off to the 10th anniversary of Shorin Ryu Karate Do International, I have to give thanks to the following people who were with me from day one: Senseis Nestor Ramos, Rick Kaufman, Kathleen Sauli, Silvio D’Onofrio, John Shanahan, Michael Borreca, Charles Barrett, Alfred R Andersen, and Arianne Douglas Bechel. Thank you all for your support and encouragement. Also, to my good friend Sensei Thomas Casale for the advice going into something I really didn’t want to do. I appreciate you all!”

SRKDI Yudansha in Okinawa

Of this dynamic commemorative training weekend, Sensei Rick Kaufman had this to say: “This past weekend, I was fortunate to participate in the 10th Year Doshi Kai of Shorin Ryu Karate Do International. Not only keeping the dream of Joseph Carbonara Sensei alive, but expanding and growing unity in the community of Shorin Ryu practitioners both at home and abroad, Jerry Figgiani Sensei has worked without political considerations to bring the essence of Okinawan karatedo to all who would participate. This past weekend’s celebratory training was an example of the endless possibilities and options that can be revealed with dedicated training.”

Senseis Tamaki and Tokashiki with Sensei Figgiani

SRKDI is fully sanctioned by our home dojo in Okinawa. Sensei Figgiani noted that our Okinawa family expressed full support for this celebratory training weekend: “Our 10th Anniversary has received a lot of support from our Okinawan family! Thank you Tokashiki Sensei, Makino Sensei, and Daiku San for your support and guidance in making this a success. A big thank you to Takeshi Tamaki Sensei who is the Chairman for Shorin Ryu Karate Do International!”

Training up the future!

With the guidance of Sensei Figgiani, the direction and encouragement from Okinawa, and the support of member dojos around the world, SRKDI will continue the precious heritage of Okinawan karate, sharing it with new members and practitioners from across the globe.


Summer 2018 Doshi Kai–July 22

Join us for the Summer 2018 Doshi Kai, led by Sensei Jerry Figgiani.

Date: July 22, 2018

Time: 10am-2pm


Shorin Ryu Karatedo International
161 Middle Country Road
Middle Island, NY 11953

Cost: $40 for SRKDI Members, $60 for non-members

We will work on principles and concepts from Matsubayashi kata, oyo bunkai, and yakusoku kumite.

For more information, email Sensei Figgiani:

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Sensei Figgiani Seminar in Willits, CA–April 7-8

Mendocino Co. Sheriff’s Youth Karate Programs will be hosting Jerry Figgiani, Kyoshi, Master Instructor Matsubayashi Shorin-Ryu (

When: Fri. 04.07.18 & Sat. 04.08.18

Where: Willits Body Works Gym & Martial Arts
1511 So. Main St., Willits, Ca. 95490
Use back doors for entry


Friday Night, 04.07.18: SAL Members Free. All others $20.

Intermediate/Advance Class:
6pm to 8pm: Green Belts and Above (Tween/Teens/Adults)

Saturday, 04.08.18: SAL Members and children under 12 Free. All others $20 at the door. (can be waved by Sensei Tobin).

Beginners Class I
9:30 am – 10 am: Lil Dragons – Children ages 3yrs old to 6 years old of beginner ranks – Basic Fundamentals.

Beginners Class II
10:15 am – 11:30 pm: All beginners ages 6 yrs and above Kata, Kihon, Basic Bunkai and Flow Drills. (Usually under Green Belt)

************ Lunch Break 11:30 – 12:30 ******************

Intermediate/Advanced Class $20 (SAL Members Free)
12:30pm – 4 pm Open to all ages, Green Belt and Above, Kata, Kihon, Bunkai, Throws, and Flow Drills etc.

Dinner Party!
5pm to 7:30pm SAL Karate Pizza Party and Social Mixer, Ole Mission Pizza Party Room, Evergreen Shopping Center, Willits, CA. (No host)

All trainings are subject to changes by Sensei Figgiani and/or Sensei Tobin

**All trainings are “FREE” to SAL Karate members and children under 12 for more info please call Mike at (707) 354-0565 or e-mail

**Non-SAL Karate Members $20.00 Donation Registration at the door for the MCSO SAL Karate Programs 501(c)3 Tax Exempt Youth Charity.


SRKDI Okinawan Weekend–May 18-20

Shorin Ryu Karate Do International Okinawan Weekend will be held May 18-20. This special seminar features Senseis Takeshi Tamaki and Masahiko Tokashiki. Join us for an exciting and informative weekend of training with SRKDI’s Okinawan senseis.

Location: East Coast Black Belt Academy in Middle Island, NY.

Training Times:

Friday, May 18: 7pm-9pm
Saturday, May 19: 10am-4pm
Sunday, May 20: 10am-12n

For more information, contact Sensei Jerry Figgiani:

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