Sensei Loeffler Reviews Sensei Figgiani’s Bunkai Workshop

By Jerry Figgiani | In News | on December 7, 2014
Sensei Prince reviewSensei Prince Loeffler offered these enthusiastic words of endorsement for Sensei Jerry Figgiani’s Practical Bunkai workshop held on November 9, 2014, at the Shugyokan Dojo in Gardena, California:


The Bunkai Two Man drill Seminar held at the Shugyokan Dojo has been a resounding success, and I have heard a great deal of praise from those who have attended this outstanding event. I and, along with everyone, believe that your dynamic, clear presentation and the genuine enthusiasm of your assistant, Kaufman Sensei, were key to this seminar’s success.

The demonstration you presented was without a doubt a well defined, simple, and concise presentation. Despite the many Yudansha people present at the seminar, you presented this in a manner where a first week mudansha-ka would greatly benefit from the experience.

After being in karate for so many years, I thought that this was going to be another long, two-hour boring monologue about kata. Instead, Figgiani Sensei and Kaufman Sensei grabbed my, as well as everyone else’s, full attention. There was never a dull moment. The Kata bunkai presented were a breath of fresh air. That day, I added more valuable “tools” in my “toolbox”.

Personally and without hesitation, I enthusiastically recommend Figgiani Sensei’s Understanding Bunkai Seminar and Workshop unequivocally. Regardless of what style of karate you are in, give Figgiani Sensei a call, and I am sure you will find him equally motivating like I did.

Prince Loeffler
Shugyokan Dojo

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